Public Service Announcement


If you ever Nair your legs, and you have large breasts, make sure your nipples don’t touch that Hell-made chemical without realizing it’s happened.
The open wound from the chemical burn on your areola will not heal for a week and will burn like a mother 24/7.



Weird.  There was a massive spike in blog views on December 31.
Shoulda posted some skanky photos or something.  (From my youth!  I wouldn’t want to drive viewers to suicide!  For Christ’s sake, I’m old!)

My god, is it cold.  And snowy.  And painfully windy.  And my lake is nearly frozen solid.
I don’t know why, but this year I have been really really loving everything winter.

The end!


Not dogs.

I was scolded by a twenty-something yesterday at a local used game shop.  Apparently, you’re not supposed to sell games back unless you have picked through every detail of the game and be able to answer a dozen questions about why every detail of the game wasn’t picked through.  “Hey, fella, I won.”

I was, however, recommended Horizon Zero Dawn which I am giving a try.  It’s kinda fun but the camera controls are absolute shit.  Guess I’ll just use it to goof around in until the next Mario game is released.

So, that’s a new puppy.

Lil’ Lese is still training.  She’s needing to build up some smarts before I let her loose.
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A Sick Gal, a Sexy Gal and a Princess Walk Into a Bar

Not long after my last post, I dealt with some minor issues stemming from a long-past surgery.  All is well.  Mostly.  I honestly thought I’d never deal with this crap again.

But that’s minor.
I also came down with “walking pneumonia”.  I’m still pretty awful, but am a bit more functional.

That said, let’s get back to the fun stuff!
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It's Still Me!