Black Desert Online
That’s right!  You can now test the waters of Black Desert Online free for a week!
Is it worth the 7 days time?  Seems to be.
It is also seems worth the couple bucks to purchase, own and play.
Which I plan to do momentarily.

Talk about a gorgeous game.  Visually, it’s a bit like a polished up ArcheAge.

Click below for some cutesy screenshots of my creation!
The thick, sweaty, buff, Korean version of Alésé.


Seriously, like the best image I have ever snapped.
Totally just screams Deadly Femininity like a Boss!2017-01-01_1734643692017-01-01_1738503702017-01-01_174190263

With so many fun games to pop into, I’m finally overwhelmed with gaming!

I’d  also considering either resurrecting an old blog just to do some musings in or even converting this one into a mixed bag of a blog.
The idea of writing an autobiography has occurred to me as well.  Having gone through an sea of blog entries, emails, letters, and the like, I think I’ve lived a pretty good life that a couple people have commented on being “amazing”.  So, why not?
On top of that, the idea of attempting to write fiction (possibly erotic!  Ohh, la la!) seems fun.

A girl with a lot of free time to dwell and dream…


One thought on “Black Desert Online”

  1. Wow, that’s one shiny Alésé. Looks like she’s been doing Tae Bo® in a sauna. The faces in BDO are really amazing. They did a really great job making them appealing and unique. Such great character creation tools there.
    Your writing is always fun to read. Nobody can tell the story of your life better than you! Should we expect to find your future fiction writings under a saucy pseudonym?

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