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January 04, 2018

Holy moo cows!  Two years since an update to this page!
Maybe because nothing has changed!

Still here!
Married to the most beautiful person in the world!
Honestly, I am beyond happy with life!

The end!


I kinda like doing updates with everything crossed out!

January 31, 2016
I’ve recently moved to the NE and married my oldest and greatest best friend; because nobody will love you the same today as yesterday or tomorrow than your literal best friend.

I can sometimes be found in Steam at Angry-Marmot.

November 29, 2014

What a time for an update!
After almost two-and-a-half years!

Well, I’m still in my 30s…just further along.  I’m still a PM but with a facility completely unrelated to the two mentioned in the old post.  On September 4, 2015 I retired to work on a monthly “as needed” basis.
I’m also a local infant/baby caregiver.

I’ve made it back into the single life after many good years with my ex-husband.

Game-wise, World of Warcraft hasn’t been touched since early 2009.  My time in Final Fantasy XIV came, went, came again, went again.  Actually, numerous MMORPGs came and went for me.  I returned to quite a few only to abandon them again too.
I can occasionally be found in EVE Online (again!) running up to 3 accounts at once.  More often, I am in ArcheAge.
I’ve also picked up an XBOX 360 again just so I could play Halo 4.

I certainly don’t have as much time for games as I once did but I’ll try to do some posts in the coming days just for old times’ sake!

Being in love with international travel tends to interrupt any steady gaming…

I am a 30-something professional woman who spends way way too much time playing video games. (Out of WoW, I’m a Program Manager desk-monkey for two separate manufacturing facilities.)

I am most often found in World of Warcraft as Furkey, the Draenei fury Warrior of Whisky Tango Foxtrot on realm Ysera.
{Furkey has since retired .}

My Deathknight Rosenberg has become my toon of choice; though I do not do anything other than log in to do dailies and chat. I haven’t the time or patience for anything more.
{Rosenberg has since retired .  Her name was changed, had a sex change, transferred realms, and is now in the sticky hands of my fiancé.}

My Rogue, Hellith, has fallen victim to my temper and been shelved… At least until some changes to Rogues occur… if they occur.
Both are with the family Whisky Tango Foxtrot on realm Ysera.
{Hellith has since retired .}

UPDATE:  I am officially off the juice.  My fiancé husband and I have let our accounts (all three!) fall into ruin.  I personally have lost all interest in the game World of Warcraft but sadly still have a love for an innumerable amount of folks who still play (seriously, I love you guys).  We’ve made the transition from repetitive softcore gaming (which is what WoW has become) to console gaming; we regularly play Xbox360.  Because my man refuses to pay for a separate handle, we both use the I Alese I tag (take note if you ever confront me online as it may not be me – especially if it’s during a sports game). XBOX Live was canceled due to a lack of interest in having my ass kicked repeatedly by 11-year olds…

Alese’s Playground:
Alese is the name of my most beloved World of Warcraft character. She was the first that I ever really “identified” with. My gaming with that name for so long has caused a few of my friends (real world folk!) to call me Alese instead of my actual name. As geeky as it is, I like it.

{Most of my early posts are taken from my other blog. I’m trying to separate my blog topics for easier reading…and because some of my readers either hate WoW or hate RL stuff mixed in.}


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