From May 9, 2009.  Hard to believe I’ve gone nearly eight years since doing some Xbox console gaming!
Picked up an Xbox One today on whim.  And because it’s a sure thing, Skyrim.  Once I get reacquainted with the console thing, I’ll have to get back to full-time murdering of the Flood!  What?  No Flood in Halo 5?  WTF.
Perhaps I’ll finally take a closer look at Overwatch.  I don’t know.  I really don’t know a damn thing about console gaming now…other than I want the Nintendo Switch.

So, what brought about the whim?  Lately, I’ve spent a hefty amount of time heels-up, stretched out on the sofa playing Pokémon Sun.  So, when I saw an Xbox One for $150, I thought, “That could be something I could sprawl out on the sofa doing in my free time once I’m done with Pokémon!”
Let’s see how it all goes!


Alese's Playground


Alésé officially returns to online gaming — in a totally new genre.
The boyfriend and I, mostly out of boredom, signed up for the XBOX LIVE Gold membership crap.
I Alese I is reborn.

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