That New Puppy Is Still Hanging Around

Remember Lil Lese?

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It’s Been So Long!

I spend a few hours a day sitting behind a computer yet never take the time to do something more than laugh at Facebook posts.
I’ve wanted to write up something big and serious for quite some time.  I just…haven’t.

I think it’s time to be done with the gaming blog.  (To be honest, it may be time to be done with blogging – period!  Most “social” happenings online seem to be via Twitter.  Ugh, why must I be behind in the times!)
I would still like to make random posts, just not always about gaming.
Why not talk about my new cooking fad of creating Indian cuisine?
Why not write up my thoughts on politics?
Write about family?  Friends?
Personal bits?  (Hey!  Just yesterday I shaved somewhere that I hadn’t shaved in YEARS!)
Future hopes, dreams?


For now, here’s my latest gaming tidbit:

The Zelda game on Nintendo Switch.  It’s sooooo fun!
Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch.  It’s extra fun when it’s two drunk women who end up passing out long before a third race.

Yeah.  That’s kinda all I got for you, you rare passerby.

It’s my underarms.  Yeah, I’m one of those weird hate-to-shave chicks.  Despite some minor trimming.  But we had a formal night out which I felt like being extra pretty by wearing something new and, well, pretty.


Years and years and years ago I lived in a little bungalow in Catch.  I spent most of the time ratting and mining but would sometimes just zip around to explore or shuttle to/from trade hubs.  I wish I could remember what I was doing exactly on May 26 of 2013, but what ever it was, it involved me being in a little frigate with no protection and no offensive capabilities.  That day, I was murdered.  I was murdered by someone I’d been noticing in the region for days (maybe weeks, I’m not sure; my memory is shit).

I never gave much thought on this incident as living in null-space means you’ll be murdered sooner or later.  But I’d had this moment relived for me via video capture and had a bit of a laugh over it recently.

That gentleman, that murderer, was none other than my ex-husband.  Fun!


That little story doesn’t mean much to anyone other than myself, but I just had to share it.

He came to visit my new family over the past couple weeks and shared that piece of history with me.  I thought it was fun.

I haven’t posted in forever.

Voice Chat

Concerning female avatars with male players.  And female persons.


I still recall the moment years ago when I swore off all voice communication in games.  I was made to feel quite small…and only because the few friends I was with finally realized I was female via voice comm.  Baffling.

It's Still Me!