What happened to Alese? Bitch is dead. Feel free to cry. She was off doing some of her naked-cliff-jumping in Netherstorm recently and, well, forgot her light feathers. So, if you ever wondered why you were short a name on your Friend List, now you know. Alese no longer exists. Alésé, however, is still alive and well on ol’ Zul’jin.

What happened to Furkey? Well, nothing… yet. I logged in at around 3:30PM today and was immediately hit with a GM whisper: “Hello, Furkey. How are you today?” My exact reply was: “uh wha?”


Teh Furk was reported… for the second time. Now, I only know of one person who plays the game regularly (well…not so regularly – which is pissin’ me off because the bastard needs to help me get my 3rd Karazhan key frag! DAMNIT!) and visits this blog, and I think he can attest to this: I don’t do or say a thing to people to upset them. Sure, I’m a total spazmatic cunt in the game a lot of times, but I tend to keep my exuberance away from the general populous. Hell, I don’t even show my anger when morons do moronic things to me in that world (unless it gets personal).

So, what, as you are wondering, was I reported for for the second time? Furkey. That’s it. My chosen name. The (misspelled because I like being the unique owner of names in all the realms) name of a vegan food product – Tofurky. What could be so wrong with a giant ball of tofu stuffed with wild rice? …wait…I should rephrase that… Seriously, though.

“…slang for penis.” I can’t remember the rest of the sentence, but that’s the point of it all anyways. WHAT THE FUCK!? It took me the better part of an hour before I actually caught on to the idiotic concept. Furkey, get it? Fur-Key. A Key to the Fur. Dick meets Pussy. Right? Well, that’s all I could come up with anyways. The GM wouldn’t explain to me at the time how exactly it could be conceived as it was. They’re ever-so helpful like that.

So, what do I do? Well, for one, I turned my boredom-killer off and went to watch some House dvds. Then, D- came home and said he was going to play the game… which sent me off the deep-end again. So now I’m writing this and fuming. And probably going to log in and cuss a lot in a few.

So, do I just go ahead and change my name? Do I continue on knowing that a couple of assheads are stalking me? (GM wouldn’t tell me if it was the same person or different. Just repeated several times that it was the “Second time.”) I’ll tell you this: If I do change my name, I’m going for something crude just to see if anyone says a word. I mean, there’s tons of ridiculous names out there that should be banned that aren’t. Ugh.


Hooray for lame me!

Well, I’m happy about it.
After a long, very depressing day, I needed something fun to waste time with. No, this didn’t help all that much, but it still gave me a sense of satisfaction, completion.

Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20)

So, Thanksgiving evening was spent enjoying a good ol’ warcraft run in AQ20. There were several people there who had never been in a raid before. Some who had never been to AQ before. And others, like myself, who’s never seen the entire place. While we didn’t complete the whole thing, we did take out four of the bosses. despite the slow pace to help the youngin’s, it seemed pretty quick. Guess that’s how it is when there’s many over-60 players together there.

It was awesome fun.

It also really showed how shitty this computer is now. I used to be able to go into places like that and MC and never get much lag. Last night, I was running an average 8fps. I’m sure it was down to 1fps during some fights as my screen would entirely lock up. Damn, I need that computer NOW.

But, despite my lag and one disconnection, I’m rather proud of my damage output. While I’m certain it isn’t 100% accurate, this is what Beneras’ damage meter read at the end:

(clicking the image will lead to my fullscreen [albeit a bit shrunken] shot which showcases my disasterous interface! CLICK IT BITCHES!)

Kinda cool.
I’m thinking that once I get my computer issue taken care of, I’ll be better. Toss in the fact that I don’t yet play in zerker stance… Yeah, I’m thinking my dps will rise. Once I do get these things taken care of, I’ll have to work on aggression. Now, with my idol, Church, aggro didn’t matter. He used to tank while in zerker stance. His dps was enough to hold aggression on nearly anything and his armor/health was massive enough that the extra damage taken from the stance didn’t mean shit. He makes my panties wet >.> Of course he’s in some major PvP and SSC gear…

Ok, enough nerd-rambling.


So, there I was, having fun in Warcraft, when some idiot goes and ruins my mood.
I made a statement to the guild about a near win versus pretty harsh odds. I was actually quite proud of how I performed. And this idiot just had to chime in. Read on, then I’ll continue:

(Forgive my shitty cropping… Just to help with my cut, one statement I made should read “clearly you’ve never played ALONG with…” My crop cut off most of the “a.”)


This moron talks a lot in the guild. A LOT. And so far, I’m yet to see anything useful, fun, informative, kind, etc from him. He’s a waste of space. 99% of the time, that I have seen personally that is, he talks as if he is an ultra-elitist. This guild is NOT for the elitist mentality… So every time he decides to brag, he just looks like an idiot. Oh, I’m just one person thinking this? Nope. That guy has become a topic of humor in a couple party chats involving guildies as well as PM’s. He’s a joke.

As you can read, every statement he has made is totally biased and incredibly ignorant. As well as flawed (note the time he claims to have played – and was called out on). If he truly has played a dedicated DPS warrior, then my statement must be true. I have personally played along with a few. If you’ve never played with one, then you must’ve heard about them… Seriously, after playing FIVE years as a warrior!

Oh, well. Idiots abound.

PS: My wordpress is linked on my guild site. I hope that ignorant kid stumbles onto this and lets his ego fly! Poor baby ;(


I stopped into my old World of Warcraft server, Zul’jin, yesterday. I talked a bit with a couple old friends, one of whom I think will hate me eternally now. My mage, my baby, Alese, is officially retired. As is my ultra-cool rogue, Alésé. That server, that world, is dead to me. I’m leaving behind a lot of good friends… Wait. Am I? If they really are “good friends,” then how can it be that I’m “leaving” them really? I talk to Kris several times a week. Steph, less often, but still, we do seem to be keeping in touch. Jerr, I can see any work day, as he works under my boyfriend at the same job as me. The others? Hell, everyone has at least my email. Some even have my cell. And yet I’ve not heard from any in months… “Good friends.”

Furkey is continuing to make me happy. And frustrated. And horny – have you seen the Draenei’s chest and ass? Damn! Ok, seriously…
My momentum has slowed. I can’t stand these Alliance quests. Sure they’re similar to the Horde ones, but different. Besides, I’m so goddamn sick of looking at humans! I’m just crabby. I need to hurry up and hit 70 so I can finally screw around with some others. And do PuGs for some of the max-level 5-man instances. Oh, yes. I think I’ll use the new voice chat crap for that. Why? Because idiots in PuGs piss me off and I get a kick out of yelling at strangers before I yank the connection out of the wall.

It's Still Me!