sad furks

big warcraft changes… sorta.
and the inability for me to stay connected! which i believe is a direct result of the patch… nazi bastards.

the new “wait for your fucking gold” change with the auction house sucks my feet. its retarded. and pointless. and the stupid mail saying “IT SOLD! YOULL HAVE YOUR MONEY IN A DAMN HOUR!” is stupid as well. i didnt delete mine and then today i see theyre replaced with the money. does this mean i CANNOT delete them or else i wont get my money? or did the money-mail just take the place of the others? i hope its the latter cause if not, that means im stuck with the mail icon 24/7. and thats so lame. fuck you blizzard.

another huge change is the “voice chat” ability now. i guess it works only in groups/raids. i didnt look much into it.
i have a serious issue with this. elitists will no doubt demand everyone use it even if its a damn party going to kill a nesingwary quest mob. and a good chance if someone doesnt, they could get booted. ya thats a rather drastic example, but still…
i for one dont use it. do i have a microphone? sure do. in fact i currently have two! do i have ventrilo or teamspeak installed? yup. do i have access to guilds/friends servers (or whatever theyre called)? yup. do i use any of these things? not so much. i have had more bad experiences with them than good. maybe guys dont mind being called a “dick” or something from time to time; and maybe its just a girl thing, but i do not like being put down, talked down to, or verbally assaulted in any way. one of the only recent times that ive not had one of those experiences was the time i developed a bit of a psycho stalker.
will i feel bad for not using it with people? ya, i always have. i think its almost necessary for raids to keep everyone informed.
another big thing for me is imagination. most people who know me in-game and not personally know that im pretty dedicated to “living” it. the only exceptions are “brb gotta pee” and whatnot. hearing the crackle of doritos from someone on vent destroys the illusion for me. hearing SLAYER! screaming in the distance when gangreyn talks …well it mostly just makes me want to throw small automobiles at him. the point of “living” in a fantasy realm is to… “live” in the fantasy realm! do my characters sound like me? hell no. heck i get so involved when theres no “RL” distractions (be it here with me or just mention of real-live in text in the game) that i can even see my characters gestures that i can only type (like -.- which is quite common for the furker…cause that beneras chap can be a downright annoyance).
so ya.. thats my rant on using “RL” voice in a fantasy mmorpg. i can see it being used easily in like some sci-fi shooting game. just…cmon… fantasy? :/

also… the furk is sad. shes in a leveling slump. just tired of grinding quest after quest and then having no quests left in an area and too low of level to move to a different area. poor girl :( go cheer her up. she likes icecream, candy, and shiny nickels. no nickels? gold works. oh quit bitching…its not REAL money. its fake. so give it away.