Blah, blah, blah…
Everyone knows I’m a World of Warcraft nerd.
I also know from emails that there are quite a few players out there who sometimes read my blog. I hope these few can get some enjoyment out of my rambling.

Lately, the game has either been sucking so bad I want to leave or been simply awesome and keeps me glued down. The past few days have been of utter awesomeness.

After some totally retarded events of pure ignorance passed, and I coped with my anger, a small group of us decided to pretty much say “Fuck it!” and continue doing our own thing. What might that be? Well, quite simply, it’s doing what everyone should be doing and many try and fail: have fun with friends. But not just any fun; fun while being total badasses at the classes we play. While so many in our guild, Dawn of the Rebellion, are busying themselves with getting keyed for an old-world instance (Molten Core), some of us decided to work on pushing our skills in “Heroic” instances in order to learn – adapt – excel – and hopefully collect some much needed gear to be even more successful at our goals.

We decided to run the Heroic version of The Underbog late last night. Why that one? Because it was decided that everyone wanted to try yet again to get a piece of gear to drop that I personally need on my warrior (Doomplate D3 shoulders). Did I beg for this? Even ask for this? Nope. You see, this is what comes from bonding in that little cyber-world. Helpful friendships develop and fun ends up being had by all; even when 4 out of 5 in a group are busy chattering in private whispers to one another how shitty the 5th person is! (Oh, so mean…)
The run started off with a person most of us can’t stand tanking (I play a dps warrior not a tank). She’s awful as a priest (despite her claim to being “truly epic”) and rumor was: even worse as a tank. Guess what? She admitted to not being good at it nor geared enough for Heroics (but then, none of this small group really are “geared enough” to make Heroics easy). But, she actually turned out to be not bad at all. I personally hold grudges with people for ever and ever, but with her, I’m making an exception. As a tank, she’s just not bad.
But she was only there until someone else from our “clique” (as I’m quite certain it could be/is seen as) came on. Too bad he never did. And believe me, this particular player is absolutely kickass.
Since he never made it on, and the previous tank needed to go, we were left with one boss down and nobody to tank for us…

Then, an unlikely hero stepped up to the challenge. A paladin who never really says much and who had never been in that particular instance before. A player who none of us, I don’t think, had much faith in. But, because we all enjoy guild-runs and seeing players new to places get some time in and have a good time, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and readied ourselves to plaster some fake smiles on open our purses for the incoming repairs…
Private whispers went from “Oh, god, I hope this doesn’t suck – I can’t afford many more repairs…” to “Holy fucking christ! He’s good!”
We trudged up to the 2nd boss and then realized how late it was. The instance would reset in a handful of hours and we had to separate and leave it to shut down so we could get our sleep in. …Or did we?
This newfound hero, this paladin of noobishness, this player of excellent skill!, decided along with the rest of us to torture his spouse as we all no doubt tortured our own by only getting a few hours sleep in so we could wake up early and see if we could continue where we left off! And at 7:50AM EST, everyone trickled back online!
THAT IS WHAT FUN AND FRIENDSHIPS ARE ABOUT! At least in this little fantasy world, it is!
Sleepy-eyed and with brewing coffee, we all started up again. Every trash mob had respawned… We bowled over them all like they were papermache. We busted our asses all the way to the end, pureeing the couple bosses before the last. And there, we fought, and wiped, and whined over the time left before it all reset… mere minutes. “One more try, then we will be out of time.” Everyone’s game was upped, the clock mocked 5 minutes until reset… And down fell The Black Stalker!

And the Doomplate Shoulderguards dropped for me! As well as Eye of the Stalker which our hunter gladly accepted.
I also received the Primal Nether; which I regretted when the tank mentioned how badly he needed it for a piece of gear he was creating… I felt bad for winning it as he definitely earned it.

Friends. Fun. Skill.
And one particular paladin decided that our little group was what he was looking for all along for the 3 reasons above.

Everyone had things to do and separated. The tank was ordered by his wife to take a nap. Two others, a couple, needed to head to town for a bit. The hunter… well I think he went on to do some Battlegrounds or something. Me? I was giddy over the success and proof that some folk are simply ignorant when they think they can label others. So, I celebrated. I joined D- on the couch and gave him a great start to his morning (he went in to work later than normal & I had the day off). Of course, as soon as I was finished “celebrating,” I took my usual spot at the computer and did some more gaming.


Fast forward!

2:00pm EST. On a prearranged schedule, everyone trickles back online. The same group. Our goal this time: the daily Heroic (a quest with fantastic rewards is given daily for a particular Heroic instance). The Mechanar.

Again, we all shined brilliantly. While not as exciting as The Underbog run, everyone enjoyed themselves, adapted to the new situations, and grew even closer together as friends and like-minded players. And this time, that paladin was handsomely rewarded. Sure the early bosses were kind, even lending me an upgraded cloak for a tanking set of my own, but it was the final one that gave his all — and all to our new partner.

Assassin’s Fire Opal, Helm of the Righteous, and a Primal Nether, all to the paladin. All of which he was overly thankful for.
Baba’s Cloak of Arcanistry also dropped, but nobody needed it.

You see that and think, …wow? Not spectacular… But for this guy, for this group, it was awesome. Not just for the loot gathered, but it proved yet again: We are badass.

Oh, yeah, I can’t forget the one extra item dropped which the paladin seemed scared to accept – despite the 4 of us laughing and demanding that he take it. It was his for the taking!
The Sun Eater

Gleiarnan, you earned it all. You. Are. Badass.


So, these past few days have been phenomenal as far as my game is concerned.
A tight bond has definitely developed between a few of us. For at least 6 of us, we know we can always count on each other to truly excel and everything we seek out to do in that fantasyland.
Call it what you will: elitist, hardcore, or just badass. But remember what we are first and foremost: Friends.

What could possibly be better? Receiving messages from various others in our lax guild who are noticing our accomplishments and wanting to join in the festivities. Perhaps, just perhaps, more than just a few of us will finally be having the fun so many wish for and never receive. Perhaps, instead of sitting on hands waiting, begging!, for something to happen, groups can be pre-formed in advance and everyone have something to look forward to. Perhaps more friendships can develop.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Karazhan will finally fall at the hands of a casual guild, Dawn of the Rebellion.


Other things I just wanted to note here.

In my time in World of Warcraft, I learned the difference between being “Casual,” “Elitist,” so-called “Hardcore,” and just plain “Phenomenal.”
Casual is a given.
Elitists usually were excellent at their game yet overly cocky about it, which, in turn, made them look worse than they should.
Hardcore gamers were similar to Elitists yet didn’t need to open their mouths about anything. Strategies were discussed each and every time before events, even if it had been done a hundred times before, just to make sure everyone remembered. Hardcore gamers get the job done with ease.
Phenomenal characters. No, there really is no human behind that toon… That motherfucker exists. Haha! Seriously… I’ve only known one and known of maybe two others in all my time. They’re the ones with the serious reputations. Bad? Good? No, neither. They simply are an entity of themselves. “OMG look its him!” “OMG she is such a badass…” The greatest thing is, all the rumors, the hyped up reputation of awesomeness, could always be verified — especially when you get the chance to play beside one.


I played in a raiding guild chock full of “Hardcore” and “Elitists.” As well as only one I personally knew to be “Phenomenal” (one other was talked about as such, but in my time playing beside him, I didn’t see it the same way).
I didn’t fit in. I was and am not an Elitist. And at the time, I didn’t see myself as Hardcore. I learned a lot from my past guild. I learned what real end-game guilds were all about. Sure, they raided many times a week, but they weren’t militaristic about it. And, they were incredibly successful.
It wasn’t until I was quitting that place, the server and character, that I realized how far along I had come. My mage was Hardcore. That means I understood the way instances I’d been in were to be done to guarantee success. It meant I excelled at my the class. It meant I had skill that 3/4 of the same class around me did not have. I was asked to take newer members into instances and personally lead them. I was asked by one of the (split-)guilds leaders to take up a raiding position. I was good. *snicker*

Sloppiness does not lead to success. Mistakes should be noted, addressed, and absolved. Information should be provided at the start of any event and brought back to everyone’s attention when necessary. Good leadership should be used and by an experienced player(s).

Does any of that limit or even prevent fun all around? If you think so, then you’ve never been in a good guild nor had success while enjoying the atmosphere.


If anything I’ve posted comes across as angry, so be it. My present guild has been failing to provide fun for those of endgame level. Oh, sure, there’s quite a few who are perfectly happy standing in place and staring at each other (I could name two right now, but am not in the mood to go into hysterics). And there’s quite a few who claim to be fine with doing nothing, yet lately, some of us who are doing things are learning otherwise via private whispers like: “You’re always with the same people in instances. If you could ever use me, please feel free to ask me along.” (A direct quote from someone this afternoon.) And then there’s the group of us who are simply out doing things to gain better gear, see more content, and push our skills at gaming ahead.

Seeing prominent guildies mention how short they are of healers or tanks or dps for situations; how if they want to get a group they should look at pugging; then mentioning ourselves, “We run instances, Heroics, every day.” Yeah, its a feel-good. It’s possible to make guild runs. All it takes is an ounce of effort, such as speaking with “friends” and setting a time — whether it be an hour or a day in advance.

Seeing prominent guildies call out players as being less than they are? It shows not only how ignorant these people are, but informs myself of the simple fact that they are the ones who suck and will never advance nor have the same level of fun with friends.

Boy, sure sounds like I detest my guild! Haha!
No, nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a few people there that I adore, that are the reason for my starting fresh on their server: Rich, first and foremost; Bill; Mike; and Gina. I didn’t even know that all of them were there when I came.
In being there, I’ve developed friendships with many others.
It’s a good place. Lots of young. Lots of good folk. If I could personally know each and every one of them, I’m certain that they could be neighborly friends.
But when I’m there, in the fantasy world, I cast a lot of my “RL” aside to live as that little cartoonish figure and socialize more about gameplay than my local weather.


I’ve definitely rambled on enough. D- will be here by 11:00pm, so I need to make up some easy dinner and get the drinks prepared.
This New Years shall involve no drunkenness. Only a couch, a tv, and a lotta love.

WoW, that sucked

World of Warcraft, oh how I love you…
World of Warcraft, oh how I loathe you…

As everyone knows, that game is pretty much my only hobby and only “escape” anymore. Without it, I would probably…uh… Ok, I’d probably just do something else! 99% of the time, I have a great time in that world. I have a great time just playing, an even greater time just chatting at the few I “know,” and a hell-of-a time accomplishing events there with the said few.

Well, today was part of the 1%.

It started off great. after a two-hour tumble in bed with D-, I decided to rest my weary legs by….sitting in a computer chair! Yeah, not much rest at all as its extremely uncomfortable. But he had left for some inventory work at his job at about 7am. So, what else was I to do? Clean? YEAH!

Anyways, it started off great. I got in, got to annoying as many people as I could, and just generally screwed around waiting for someone to want to do something fun. After a little while, Ela mentioned doing an instance run (I think I was whining in guild-chat about doing one…but can’t remember). Not enough people were on that I trust (nor her, it seemed), so random folks from the guild came along. Had I foreseen what was to happen, I would have went to cutting myself to keep my endorphins up and allow me to let my “at-home” attitude take over while limiting the wretched pain that was to be caused; that means, I would have been bitching and cussing at these people.

A horrid paladin tank geared mostly in AH bought blues that don’t really add up to much (give me your golds), a husband/wife team of mages (I think they’re husband/wife) who clearly haven’t had any experience in group settings, Ela – a badass shaman healbot, and myself – a dps warrior who is really fed up with all the fuckheads that think they can be tanks.

Paladin’s aggro control was shit. Ok, he wasn’t totally awful, but he does suck. He also seems to not have a clue how to run instances, let alone lead as a tank most often should. His reaction time was shit. His pulling technique was shit.

Mages. I can group them together because they acted mostly equal. Just one dished out much more damage than the other. Both were FULL FIRE spec. Wtf? I can’t say I have ever known someone that was full-fire. They also had no clue how instances worked. They loot like crazy in fights, which means they aren’t attacking the present target (Oooh! Sparkles on the dead guy! Must!Click!For!Loot!). Even did this on bosses when someone happened to be dead… An extreme no-no. The worst part? Being fire mages, they could dish out some heavy hits. Heavy hits means a heavy chance at gaining major aggression. Major aggro means that particular target is coming to eat them. Now, aggro-control takes skill/finesse (and I admit to being one who is still learning this important skill); so when a fire mage goes in and throws out a pyroblast followed by several fireballs/blasts, guess what, said mage is dead. When the “tank,” I use that term loosely here, has to chase targets that are after a mage who has major aggro, YOU DON’T FUCKING RUN AWAY FROM HIM! NOR DO YOU TOSS OUT DRAGON’S BREATH YOU MORON! Dragon’s Breath is a major aggro-getter; that means, should that “tank” reach the mage, he will have a hell of a time trying to get the aggression back onto him. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! That type of play-style is what brings “fun” groups to ruin. It’s how healers get overly frustrated as they must bounce healing from one to the other to another etc. in an effort to not let the group die. This burns (her, in this case) mana and probably makes her want to go beat her midget husband! (Sorry, Whiz…) So, should the group be saved by the heals and all aggression returns to the “tank,” guess what? The heals are over. She’s out of mana. Because someone(s) are incapable of learning from past mistakes. Past being 2 minutes prior. And 2 minutes prior. And 2 minutes prior…

Every goddamn fight went this way.

At some point, the paladin “tank” decided he had to leave, and did. I was happy. Ela was happy. The mages? I could give a shit less of what they thought of the situation. So, a new TANK came in. Yeah, a real one. Problems solved!!! Oh, wait, those mages were still there… Now, it was a good tank, good dps (myself), great healing (Ela), and two fuckheads trying to blow up the world and themselves and the group. And yeah, that’s how that went. Only with this tank, some orders were given and we prayed the mages understood. (“KK”) Another full-group death. [Ela—] whispers: These two are total idiots and I just killed my cat out of frustration! Ok, that’s not a direct quote, but trust me, I knew she was feeling.

The stupidity continued for a very very very long time. It’s a very laid back fun and friendly guild. I actually enjoy having newish players in my groups in hopes that they could learn new things. These two? Well, I had brain surgery…what’s their excuse?

Finally, after many failures and many many whispers to/from several folks to vent, the two mages said they had to go. A wave of relief rushed over me! I ran out and danced naked in the rain! Not really, but it was a joyous moment. They were replaced by Whiz (Ela’s husband [I think they’re married]) and Ker, both mages, both badass. AND both not idiots…despite what the casual observer may think! HAH!

We all easily made it to the final event in the instance we were doing (it was Arcatraz, by the way). The third mini-boss that comes out we had serious issues with. Not really sure why. Then, after a bit, Whiz had to leave. The tank seemed frustrated with himself (I’d hug him if I could). And I wanted to wash my hair! After a short break, we reformed to include a different paladin tank, Avi. Holy god, I love Avi! And the previous tank’s warlock, Gaz.

A lot of the instance had respawn. But who cares? No more chit-chat, no more slow-pacing, no more goofing off… We wanted to get through that muck and beat that place once and for all. We blew through that trash and reached the last event in an instant. We completed the event with ease. Luck? Hell no. A group of casual-yet-excellent players who wanted one thing: to fucking win.

Neither Ela or my items dropped from the boss. That means we have to do it again… and probably again, and again, and again! But not tonight… I want to get laid and take a damn nap. HAH!


Just wanted to add some more info about my play-style/past.

I started out very “casual.” I had never seen an instance on my (Blizzard) deleted hunter. I had not seen an instance on my baby, Alese the mage, until endgame (endgame then was level 60). Post TBC, I didn’t get to see much of anything instance-wise either. Not until 70. And then, it was only the bigger ones like Shattered Halls (a million damn times) and then Karazhan. (I was considering starting SSC and Mag’s Lair before quitting my mage – Mag’s Lair was one I kept getting shut out of by my last guild “InReverie.”)

While in that guild, InReverie, I got to watch and learn how “true raiders” played. They’re hardcore. I witnessed some awesome feats and learned to play much better thanks to them. (3-manning Shadow Labyrinth was awesome!) I learned to up my damage and how to control my aggression better as a mage. I took their stereotyped image of frost-mages and turned it upside down, earning me invites to arena teams and a raider position, which I declined due to quitting. {Note: If you’re wanting to look up the folks I played often with, many are in InReverie’s “raiding side-guild” named Asylum.}

With my newfound skill, I developed a new attitude. No, I didn’t get a chip on my shoulder. Rather, I knew what was good, I knew how good I was, and I was sick and tired of people talking shit to me and thinking I sucked due to what their eye’s told them from spec/gear. Fuck you. If I could out dps 9 hardcore raiders, fuck you. If I could be one of the last 3 non-healers standing in an instance and assist in taking down 8 more grouped targets, fuck you. I’m not a shitty player. I’m a hell-of-a mage and learning to be a good dps-warrior. So, fuck you.

The few that I love to play with (stfu pervs..), they have what it takes to be hardcore raiders. They have the skill. They have the determination. They’re badass. So, if you see them as being otherwise, fuck you. Until you play alongside someone, keep your big mouth shut.

I think I ranted off track there…

Point is, when I see people not following “procedure,” slowing down progress, not caring, and certainly not adapting, I get pissed off. Did these people’s parents tell them to look both ways before crossing the street and they not learn the first time? Clearly they did. Otherwise they wouldn’t be alive. Or maybe they have a hell of a lot of pins and steel plates in them! *Gets hit by a bus*

I don’t like being angry with fellow gamers. C’mon, we’re all geeks! Ok, not me. I’m awesomeness. When I do get angry, the elitist button gets turned on in my brain and I just want to be direct and stern. But I never do. I don’t like having people think less of me. Even if all I am doing is trying to better the group as a whole.

When it comes to group functions, I’m doing my best in that cyber-world. Why aren’t you?


Seriously, a good lump of those folks in Dawn of the Rebellion are so awesome. If they keep that core group together, they, we, would be unstoppable.


What happened to Alese? Bitch is dead. Feel free to cry. She was off doing some of her naked-cliff-jumping in Netherstorm recently and, well, forgot her light feathers. So, if you ever wondered why you were short a name on your Friend List, now you know. Alese no longer exists. Alésé, however, is still alive and well on ol’ Zul’jin.

What happened to Furkey? Well, nothing… yet. I logged in at around 3:30PM today and was immediately hit with a GM whisper: “Hello, Furkey. How are you today?” My exact reply was: “uh wha?”


Teh Furk was reported… for the second time. Now, I only know of one person who plays the game regularly (well…not so regularly – which is pissin’ me off because the bastard needs to help me get my 3rd Karazhan key frag! DAMNIT!) and visits this blog, and I think he can attest to this: I don’t do or say a thing to people to upset them. Sure, I’m a total spazmatic cunt in the game a lot of times, but I tend to keep my exuberance away from the general populous. Hell, I don’t even show my anger when morons do moronic things to me in that world (unless it gets personal).

So, what, as you are wondering, was I reported for for the second time? Furkey. That’s it. My chosen name. The (misspelled because I like being the unique owner of names in all the realms) name of a vegan food product – Tofurky. What could be so wrong with a giant ball of tofu stuffed with wild rice? …wait…I should rephrase that… Seriously, though.

“…slang for penis.” I can’t remember the rest of the sentence, but that’s the point of it all anyways. WHAT THE FUCK!? It took me the better part of an hour before I actually caught on to the idiotic concept. Furkey, get it? Fur-Key. A Key to the Fur. Dick meets Pussy. Right? Well, that’s all I could come up with anyways. The GM wouldn’t explain to me at the time how exactly it could be conceived as it was. They’re ever-so helpful like that.

So, what do I do? Well, for one, I turned my boredom-killer off and went to watch some House dvds. Then, D- came home and said he was going to play the game… which sent me off the deep-end again. So now I’m writing this and fuming. And probably going to log in and cuss a lot in a few.

So, do I just go ahead and change my name? Do I continue on knowing that a couple of assheads are stalking me? (GM wouldn’t tell me if it was the same person or different. Just repeated several times that it was the “Second time.”) I’ll tell you this: If I do change my name, I’m going for something crude just to see if anyone says a word. I mean, there’s tons of ridiculous names out there that should be banned that aren’t. Ugh.

Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20)

So, Thanksgiving evening was spent enjoying a good ol’ warcraft run in AQ20. There were several people there who had never been in a raid before. Some who had never been to AQ before. And others, like myself, who’s never seen the entire place. While we didn’t complete the whole thing, we did take out four of the bosses. despite the slow pace to help the youngin’s, it seemed pretty quick. Guess that’s how it is when there’s many over-60 players together there.

It was awesome fun.

It also really showed how shitty this computer is now. I used to be able to go into places like that and MC and never get much lag. Last night, I was running an average 8fps. I’m sure it was down to 1fps during some fights as my screen would entirely lock up. Damn, I need that computer NOW.

But, despite my lag and one disconnection, I’m rather proud of my damage output. While I’m certain it isn’t 100% accurate, this is what Beneras’ damage meter read at the end:

(clicking the image will lead to my fullscreen [albeit a bit shrunken] shot which showcases my disasterous interface! CLICK IT BITCHES!)

Kinda cool.
I’m thinking that once I get my computer issue taken care of, I’ll be better. Toss in the fact that I don’t yet play in zerker stance… Yeah, I’m thinking my dps will rise. Once I do get these things taken care of, I’ll have to work on aggression. Now, with my idol, Church, aggro didn’t matter. He used to tank while in zerker stance. His dps was enough to hold aggression on nearly anything and his armor/health was massive enough that the extra damage taken from the stance didn’t mean shit. He makes my panties wet >.> Of course he’s in some major PvP and SSC gear…

Ok, enough nerd-rambling.


So, there I was, having fun in Warcraft, when some idiot goes and ruins my mood.
I made a statement to the guild about a near win versus pretty harsh odds. I was actually quite proud of how I performed. And this idiot just had to chime in. Read on, then I’ll continue:

(Forgive my shitty cropping… Just to help with my cut, one statement I made should read “clearly you’ve never played ALONG with…” My crop cut off most of the “a.”)


This moron talks a lot in the guild. A LOT. And so far, I’m yet to see anything useful, fun, informative, kind, etc from him. He’s a waste of space. 99% of the time, that I have seen personally that is, he talks as if he is an ultra-elitist. This guild is NOT for the elitist mentality… So every time he decides to brag, he just looks like an idiot. Oh, I’m just one person thinking this? Nope. That guy has become a topic of humor in a couple party chats involving guildies as well as PM’s. He’s a joke.

As you can read, every statement he has made is totally biased and incredibly ignorant. As well as flawed (note the time he claims to have played – and was called out on). If he truly has played a dedicated DPS warrior, then my statement must be true. I have personally played along with a few. If you’ve never played with one, then you must’ve heard about them… Seriously, after playing FIVE years as a warrior!

Oh, well. Idiots abound.

PS: My wordpress is linked on my guild site. I hope that ignorant kid stumbles onto this and lets his ego fly! Poor baby ;(

It's Still Me!